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Studytube offers training companies and experts to quickly create and publish e-learning courses using their fast and user friendly platform. They also have a library/marketplace of quality courses, where experts can sell licenses to their courses. As the only designer, my task was to set up a brand and identity for this startup, design their website and design a user interface for a separate course product focusing on law students.​


The first thing I did when I joined Studytube was design a brand that fit with the company. They had quite the userbase and were quite well known already but they were faceless and that needed to be solved.

The process was pretty straightforward: I brainstormed with the founders and the team about what the goal of the brand was, what personality it needed to portray. After that I started on some ideas and started sketching and digitally created the best concepts. After several iterations we arrived at a pretty satisfactying end product.


Once we had the brand and the identity of Studytube I started on the website and the landing pages. The main objective here was to explain the product and create a professional and inviting look.

I tried different styles of design for the landing pages, some more professional and product focused, and some a bit playful with illustrations accompanying the feature explanations.


While at Studytube I also briefly worked on the new interface for their Law Student product. It was an interesting product to design for, sadly most of it went unused as they chose to change their focus to the main e-learning platform.
It was a great experience helping a startup find their identity. With an actual brand and a professional website their powerful platform got taken more seriously by investors, got funded and they are now expanding and growing at a fast rate.

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