Track your favorite TV shows and discover new ones.

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Stayhome is a web application that allows you to track the TV shows you're watching and find other shows to watch. It shows you how many episodes are left and when the next episode is airing along with what network or streaming service you can watch it on.

Stayhome started out of a personal desire to have a more organized overview of all the TV shows I watch and knowing when a show has new episodes or if it's cancelled or renewed. Together with a friend we started to build a simple tracker that allows you to create your watchlist of shows and track your progress in each show.

Once we shipped a private beta and we and other people started to use it, we collected a lot of feedback and suggestions for improving the Watchlist and we added a Discover feature where people could find new shows to add. We recently launched a public beta on Product Hunt and we're currently working on improving the experience on both the Watchlist and the Discover feature.


The goal of the homepage was to convey clearly what someone can do with the app and to look aesthetically pleasing to help convince people to sign up and check out the app. After that it was important to making sure someone can sign up quickly and easily and to give people options for different ways to sign up.


To help me design more efficiently and more quickly and to make sure my friend Andy who was doing most of the coding could quickly move forward I made sure to create a simple style guide for all the common elements in the app.

Stayhome Style Guide


Where the magic happens. This is the page that has an overview of all the shows you've tracked, showing you how many episodes you have left and what shows you have finished, paused or are caught up on and have new episode coming out soon.

Stayhome Watchlist


The goal for this page is to give people the ability to quickly discover new shows. They can see what shows are featured and popular and can them filter by the streaming service(s) they use, the genre and how recent the show is. They can then add the show to their watchlist or indicate that they have already finished it. On the show cards they have the ability to see more info about the show, share, rate and see where they can watch the show.

The page can also serve as an entry point for a person, and thus has a different public version that is still accessible when a person is not logged in/doesn't have an account yet.

Stayhome Discover Stayhome Discover


For more detail about a TV show a user can go to the show page, where they'll find a show description, rating, links to the services they can use to watch the show, reviews, and the ability to review and recommend the show to others.

Stayhome TV Show Page

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