A mix of a bunch of work I’ve done in the past.

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Some work I did while working at The Next Web and various smaller projects while working as a contractor.

The Next Web

I started working at the Next Web on a graduate internship which after getting my Bachelor of Multimedia turned into full-time employment. I was mainly focused on designing a new brand and website for their annual tech conference, which helped to increase ticket sales and get more exposure and elevate the quality of the conference.


The Next Web had a very solid and popular brand already. I used that same style to add another element to it so that the conference would have a stand alone logo, yet still have all the power of their existing brand.
TNW Conference 2012 Logo


Before the conference the website served as the main source for the ticket sales and getting exposure for the conference. During the conference, the most highlighted elements where the agenda, the hack battle and helping people get around in Amsterdam.
TNW Website


The objective I got was to make this years conference be more visually inviting. In order to do that I created icons to enrich the website and banners during the conference, and designed badger stickers for the attendees.
Navigation Icons TNW Conference Badges

The conference itself was breathtaking, I was very proud of seeing more than a thousand people walking around and seeing my design work around them as part of the experience, wearing their custom made stickers on their badges

TNW Conference 2012

During my contracting years I did a lot of smaller website and branding projects. Here is a short selection.

Marjo Responsive Webshop Marjo Homepage Marjo Style Guide Striim Logo C Logo Dutch Startup Awards Logo Cloud Sync Logo
PMC Stone Logo

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A mix of a bunch of work I’ve done in the past.

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