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Stayhome is a renewed version of my previous TV tracking app, Teevy that I stopped working on when I moved to the US and started a new full time job. Since then I still felt the need to make this app and had some new ideas that where convincing enough to get a developer excited to work with me on this.

We're currently hard at work on the first version, that is going to be very tracking focused, which is mostly for power users who have their TV shows figured out. The next steps are adding a discovery and curation feature and we feel that will be the more interesting part of the app and allow us to scale. 


This is where all your shows live, see in one glance what's ready to watch next and what's airing soon. Switch to the Paused tab to see the shows you've shelved for now, go to the Finished tab to look at your collection of shows you've churned through already and might want to start again.



More detailed information about the show. Select the season and episode where you're at or see where you can watch this show right now.

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The page people will land on when you recommend them a show. It has your review at the top and gives them more detailed information about the show. If they want more of this they can sign up and start tracking their own shows.

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