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Product Designer

Mobile Design, Web/UI design, Branding/Print


At Omada Health the main product focus is Prevent, an innovative digital health product that is re-imagining how the world reverses preventable, chronic disease. Every online program includes professional health coaching, robust peer support, an engaging and interactive health curriculum, and smart tech to monitor and enhance progress.

My main focus while working on Prevent is designing the Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web applications. Aside from that I worked on branding and design of the Welcome Kit and Activity Kits that get sent to our participants.


When I first joined my responsibility was mainly designing for the Android and iOS app. The goal was to get the mobile apps to feature parity with the web application. Not only did we manage to do that within a year, we improved upon the features and influenced the web product with the new food and activity trackers.



We're constantly trying to improve the web application as it's the oldest part of the product and is also in need of constant updating. The fact that you have a lot more real estate to work with on the web makes it even more important to figure out what the user sees and to make sure not to overwhelm them. We've been doing a lot of experimenting and A/B testing at Omada to figure out what has the most impact on weight loss, and more importantly, sustained weight loss. Here are some screens that give some more insight in that never ending process:

Prevent DashboardPrevent Dashboard
Prevent Dash + Tracker + InsightsPrevent Dash + Tracker + Insights


The core part of Prevent consists of 16 weeks, 4 simple phases where we introduce our participants to change their food habits, increase their activity levels, learn how to deal with challenges and reinforce their habits. Every phase we send them a new kit that will support them with the new challenges they will face, starting of with a Welcome Kit that includes a wireless scale that we encourage them to use consistently to weigh themselves.